Patty’s Newest Toy…

I am crazy about my brand new aerolatte.  How to describe it…hmmm…a teeny tiny magical little wand…batteries came with mine.  It froths milk…and I have been using 1% for this…into high firm frothy creamy peaks!!!  It is truly a miracle machine!!!  The foam is so thick that I have to spoon it on top of my coffee.  Then it just stays there in lovely peaks…waiting for a dusting of healthy shaved dark chocolate…mmmm…I have had my aerolatte for a few days now…and I am not the least bit tired of using it.  It is such a tiny clever little kitchen appliance…mine came with a stand and it sits nicely on the counter next to the coffee pot.

3 thoughts on “Patty’s Newest Toy…

  1. Patty says:

    I bought mine online but tons of places have them…I googled aerolatte. Amazon has them but they were sold out…and today I found it at Target online…


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