Did You Just Love Coloring When You Were Little…

Doesn’t this coloring book just make you want to go out in the backyard and spread out a quilt and just color your afternoon away?  I loved crayons and coloring and drawing and workbooks when I was a little girl…I am sure that is why I became a teacher.  One of my favorite kitty sites…Moderncat…is the source for these.  Come on over and color with me!!!

7 thoughts on “Did You Just Love Coloring When You Were Little…

  1. Natalie says:

    i'm with kathy–i still love to color–and recently took my nephew to the crayola factory in PA. we had a blast and adults are encouraged to color along with the kids. 🙂

    ps. can you open your comments to include NAME/URL? not having that option makes it difficult for those of us with self-hosted blogs to leave a comment. thanks! 🙂
    –nat @book, line, and sinker


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