This Is A Nest…

This is a nest…I don’t know how she does it…but she does.
Lucy is a cat who loves comfort.
Lots of comfort that comes from borrowing and using my things.
She loves to be in the extra guest room that houses all of my fun stuff.
I actually caught her pawing gently through a basket of bracelets…seemingly looking for something she thinks I need.
Bracelets, earrings, hair ties…
they all have a way of finding a home with her toys.
This morning we woke up to bracelets and hair ties scattered all over our bed and on the floor.
Which makes me wonder about just how terribly busy she is at night.
Is she holding a hair tie over my face as I sleep?
Is she trying to use some sort of cat magic that she thinks will make me play with her in the middle of the night?
I truly think she does.
Do you have a pet who constantly surprises you?

2 thoughts on “This Is A Nest…

  1. Ti says:

    My cat, when he was around, had a thing for plastic. One day he ate all of my credit cards. Another day he ate the plastic buttons off of some of the suits I had draped over a chair.

    The Pup is a different story. She gathers all her toys and lines them up. Then she scatters them and lines them up again. She also drags a baby blanket around to make a nest, but after taking much time to get it just right…she opts for a warm lap instead. She's OCD.


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