Lucy Needs Her Space…She Wants To Be Alone?

Apparently even my cat needs a vacation from a vacation.
There was really no way for her to get away from us in Maine…lol.
She had a few hours of peace when we went to dinner each night but obviously we were invading her space. After 9 hours of incessantly talking to us and at us during our drive home yesterday she immediately disappeared as soon as we walked into the house. All doors were closed…garage, etc. She is strictly an indoor cat. So we did not panic…

But after an hour of unpacking and organizing…we were curious about her absence…then mildly panicked when she didn’t answer our calls. We found her, finally, back in the car asleep on top of her carrier.
Apparently looking for solitude.
From us. 
Her people.
And then…
to add insult to an insult…
she rejected us all night long.
When we finally got her into the house she went into the sunroom and actually slept on her cat bed.
She never actually uses her plush huge cat bed.
She usually uses our bed.
She slept away from us all night long.
I am still processing all of this.
I am sure she still loves us.
Obviously just needs a bit of a break from our togetherness.
Dreaming about that last lobster tail…obvi!!!

11 thoughts on “Lucy Needs Her Space…She Wants To Be Alone?

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Lucy looks so comfy and cozy, to me…oh so adorable, and too cute:DDD
    I would curl up in a plush pink bed too, if I was a kitty.
    Don't take it personally, but cats do indeed need their space away from every one from time to time, especially after a long trip like that!


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