Still Maintaining My Pace…

I am starting to really love my slow but steady treadmill walks! Den has entertained himself by working on the basement while I was recuperating and while I am on the treadmill. He truly is amazing. The basement is now organized in sections…and it’s so neat…books, giveaways, trash, holiday bins, clothing, furniture, quilts and blankets…once we get all of the trash out…and by trash I mean my old school stuff and magazines and stuff we just don’t want…we will call in a company to haul it away. Why oh why did I ever keep my school stuff? I hated to part with it but now I am just telling Den to trash it. If I did it I would stop and look at everything I made…so…I am not going to look at it! Ever again!

Don’t you think that is the best thing to do?



I literally just closed my Kindle on this book…if you are looking for a fast paced mystery…this one works! I loved this book…sad, sort of complicated, and filled with uniquely interestingly flawed characters.

Up next…these…they should get me through college football on Saturday…where the players let their legs show and big boy football on Sunday where the players are all covered up. I will read these unless Overdrive surprises me.

This one sounds good…a girl with no experience starts a job in admissions in NYC’s cutthroat world of private schools…she has also just been dumped by her boy toy.


And this is the one readers are not able to put down…

We might make these…from Damn Delicious. OMG…this looks soooo good to me! But we always use organic nitrate sulfate free hot dogs. So it’s not quite as bad as it sounds and we use antibiotic free bison for the chili. I love that we are vegetarians…heeheehee! This is Saturday’s treat!

And this Tuna And Tomato Pasta Bake from Simply Recipes…when the big boys play ball on Sunday!

Our weekend will be spent at home…away from germs and crowds…resting and gathering up those little white blood cells!

Hugs to my peeps!



14 thoughts on “Still Maintaining My Pace…

  1. Stefanie Ng says:

    Mmmm! Those recipes look yummy. Can't beat a loaded hot dog. I'm glad you like your treadmill workouts and feel more organized. I gave away my teacher stuff bit by bit before we moved; it is bittersweet as it was such a big part of my identity before I had the girls.


  2. Ti says:

    Are you talking about things you made in class? I would maybe have Den take photos of a few choice pieces, that way you aren't really parting with them forever. You know? Photos don't take up space, especially if you never print them out!

    Those chili dogs look good. I never get excited about hot dogs anymore because the GF buns are so tough but I found out accidentally, while trying to warm a frozen bun, that a GF bun 20 seconds in the microwave makes the bread so soft and it stays soft! I don't want to know molecule wise, what the heck it does to its composition but it's SOFT Patty!! Unreal.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Ti beat me to the photo idea, but that way you almost still have the stuff and it doesn't take up space. Your weekend sounds good to me. It's dark, cold, and very rainy here… I'm going to put on yoga pants and cuddle up with a book. My parent's are coming for dinner later, but I want a lazy day until then. Behind Closed Doors is getting a lot of raves. Just added it to my wish list. Have a great day, Patty!


  4. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    It's great that Den is doing all that hard work! I'm terrible at it because I want to look at every-single-darn-thing!! But it reduces stress to just let extra stuff go and downsize. I started yesterday redoing my kitchen by putting in a box any extra doodads that weren't necessary. I'm not saying I'm good at clearing out non-necessities, just saying I started doing it, haha.

    We also occasionally have hot dogs and I look for the nitrate-sulfate free turkey dogs, since we only eat fish and poultry. It's comfort food! I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying eating more than you did weeks before…


  5. Patty Magyar says:

    I am eating much better! My tummy was so weird…I had to eat little bites throughout the day. I had to eat lots of protein and I just could not do it…but gradually things are feeling better!

    Yo go girl for even starting on the kitchen! That is a tough place to start!


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