Book Thoughts…

I really love this book and this character but I thought about it and I now know why. Veronica Speedwell reminds me of Flavia de Luce!


Plus there is even a plant named Veronica Speedwell…


Veronica Speedwell is a historical detective…at least that’s what I read. She is brash and clever and funny…it’s the kind of series I love!

Edelweiss…I just love Edelweiss…delivered a few more books to my Kindle.

From Amazon…

“Brilliant. Really, really brilliant. I loved it.” (Sophie Hannah, author of The Monogram Murders)

From Amazon…

“In the ninth Ruth Galloway mystery, Ruth and Nelson investigate a string of murders and disappearances deep within the abandoned tunnels hidden far beneath the streets of Norwich.”

From Amazon…

“There’s so much happening in Chilbury: intrigue, romance and an unforgettable cast of characters who aren’t always as they appear. The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir is a charming slice of English wartime life that warms the soul like a hot toddy.”

— Martha Hall Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of Lilac Girls

“The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir sinks you deep inside the rich, intricate atmosphere of an English village in the middle of war, when quiet lives are upended and secrets unravel. With her unforgettable characters and vivid narrative, Jennifer Ryan creates the kind of wartime novel that plays out over the intimate territory of the human heart—full of soul, full of hope. You’ll be thinking about this book long after the last page turns.”

— Beatriz Williams, New York Times bestselling author of A Hundred Summers and The Secret Life of Violet Grant

From Amazon…

“Savage’s skillful writing makes the characters’ pain deep and tangible, offering readers the full impact of the deaths on the town. The novel is cleverly divided into chapters of the seven body parts, propelling the search for the next clue. Prepare to be shocked, and have plenty of tissues handy. Perfect for readers of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why (2007).” ―Booklist

Now I really want to go off and read!

Den is getting cortisone injected into his back early this morning…under light anesthesia…but all that he was thinking about this morning was how hungry he was…




10 thoughts on “Book Thoughts…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I haven't read Deanna Raybourn, but Veronica Speedwell sounds like the kind of character I enjoy.

    I love Elly Griffiths' series, but I've only read the first Ruth Galloway book…I must add more!

    I am glad you are enjoying Edelweiss…but, of course, I don't think they are very user-friendly; lol.

    Cortisone injections are not fun! I had some for my back years ago, before they finally decided to do surgery.

    Here's hoping all is well.


  2. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    The Chilbury Ladies' Choir sounds like a book for me! Hope the injection helps Den. My husband has had them in the past. Enjoy your new books. Loved your thoughts and comparison of the Raybourn and Bradley characters!


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