Thursday’s Thoughts!

I am just a bit fatigued today. It’s not the kind of fatigue that makes me want to nap…it’s just a feeling of weariness? And then I remember that my body literally runs at 75%…I was up and down the stairs yesterday a minimum of 4 times…by the end of the day I was exhausted.

I wanted a simple dinner, a shower and bed. Not sleeping, though, just propped up against 4 fluffy pillows…chatting with Den and the girls, reading and TV watching. Today I will push myself to walk on my treadmill and then relax. It’s not a day I feel like cooking…we will pick up pasta dinners…and then spend tonight the way we spent last night. I either have blood work or Big Chemo on Wednesdays…yesterday was bloodwork and my platelets were low but they should bounce back by next Wednesday…which is Big Chemo day…yuck! Wednesday’s are always scary days for me…you never know what can be up or down and if anything is really off you have to stop treatment until it goes back up again. This scares me because I have had so many stops. I have no clue when I will be done and that scares me, too, but I am pretty much scared of everything that has to do with treatment…scans, bloodwork, reports…all freak me out!

The one positive thing about chemo is that my skin is baby soft! Elbows and heels and legs…are smooth as silk and incredibly soft. But in reality I would rather have rough heels than what I am enduring!


I am fixated on Spring! I want these dresses! My favorite kind…loses, swingy, infinitely comfy. These are all from Free People…except the black one…it’s from Mille.


Reading this…really fast paced and really good and nothing that I thought I would read next!

That’s my Thursday?

Are you doing anything special on your Thursday?




14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts!

  1. Ti says:

    That black dress is so perfect.

    I am feeling fatigued too. I think it's totally understandable that Wednesday can be rough days for you. I'd be scared of that stuff too. So much depends on how you are doing at that moment and that's tough because you really don't know until they tell you in numbers.

    I have book club tonight. I am really tired but will force myself to go because there has been lots of drama in the house over grades and lack of organization and I can't take another night of it. It's one thing to have your teen scream all the time but it's another when all you hear is clicking in your damn ear because no one can figure out what is wrong with my neck and hearing.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, you are amazing! Despite the fatigue, you get on your treadmill. I am sooo lazy. I need to do more.

    I love that greenish dress….I am looking for something to wear to my daughter's beach wedding.

    I loved When All the Girls Have Gone.

    Have a relaxing day!


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    Oh no…yes…go to book club…you need a break! So sorry about the clicking…you are right about the numbers…some have to go up…some have to go down…and they all scare me!


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