My Random Reading Continues…

Yesterday I read tons from these two books…

I seriously hate when the number of stars a book gets affects my thoughts about it. I thought that I had only heard really good things about Magpie Murders but its reviews are that readers either love it or hate it. I am really enjoying it but…those 3 star reviews are lurking in the back of my head! What makes me like this book? And…it’s the same way with The Chalk Artist…readers either love it or hate it and compare it to this author’s first book…The Cookbook Collector…which most readers really loved. However most readers are only lukewarmish about this one. Sigh!

This makes me seriously wonder why I choose the books I choose but it makes me understand why I read newer books fast and furiously. I am so fickle about books.

I would actually rather just talk about a book than review it. I love book talking!

Roxie has me trapped here for a while. She and Lucy often battle over this spot. Lucy is in her bed…but she will wake up…come over and give Roxie fake kisses to try and nudge her away…it usually doesn’t work with Roxie…Roxie will put her tiny hand on Lucy’s head and push her away and Lucy will look at me sadly and retreat to the beds…the comfy, therapeutic heated beds with fresh soft blankets. Or…when Lucy gets up Roxie will race over to the bed that Lucy just left…and plop herself in it. By the time Lucy gets back to “her” bed…it’s occupied. And no one wants the empty perfectly fine other bed. Am I raising little tiny kitty divas? Is Roxie more controlling than Lucy? Is Lucy just gracefully giving in to the antics of her “little sister”.

Den has poison ivy under his eye…we have to pick up Lucy’s inhaler…I have to have a blood test…and our food plan for today is nonexistent other than a salad for lunch.





16 thoughts on “My Random Reading Continues…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I have been pondering the possibility of only reviewing books that are ARCs or from authors who send me their books. I am getting sick of reviewing! LOL.

    I love that cozy corner in your bedroom with the steps (for the kitties).


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    Thank you! They love it, too…Lucy needs the steps…Roxie likes to leap over them. I am no longer capable of writing lengthy reviews…I just don't like it that much any more.


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    Oh no, poison ivy? How uncomfortable for him. How is it usually treated? Topical cream? What entertaining cats you have; it's funny how animals have their own little personalities.


  4. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    Sorry for Den's poison ivy 😦 Hope it clears fast.
    I wish I had someone to talk books with in person. I love chatting on blogs but that's so intermittent.
    I used to follow some bloggers who gave almost every review book 5 stars – until I noticed I was giving the same books 3 stars. And 3 stars isn't bad, just not great. It's so subjective to a particular reader, you know?


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