It Doesn’t Feel Like Friday!

Today we drove to Skippack…a sweet town that is one hour and one minute away from us. It’s where we always went for hair appointments. We have not been there for almost a year…because…well because of all that happened this year. We walked in and were surrounded by our old friends. Hugs and tears and a special friend telling us how she prayed for me all year. Sometimes I don’t realize how amazing people are and how caring. I pray that I can give back all of the kindnesses that have been given to me this year. I will!

I am nowhere near ready for a hair cut…we went there for Den. He was going to a salon near by but it wasn’t the same kind of cut he was used to. It felt so normal to be doing this again…so beautifully normal. My stylist/friend likes how my hair is coming in…it’s even and nothing is really sticking out except my spikes…we might tip them in a color when they get longer. Fun! I need fun!


Finished these…both were yummy! Absolutely no clue what I am reading next…



Perhaps one of these…


I need these! This could be breakfast, lunch or dinner! From a lovely blog called Spoon Fork Bacon!


And this pasta salad…it’s a Bruschetta Pasta Salad from Lovely Little Kitchen…

That’s ny Friday…have a great week end…see you on Monday!




10 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Feel Like Friday!

  1. DMS says:

    I want that egg dish. Looks SO yummy!

    So glad you and Den went to your usual salon. I am sure they were thrilled to see you and I bet he was happy with his haircut. Plus- I love that you discussed something fun to do with your hair as it grows out. Can't wait to see it when you do it. 🙂


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