So…Over The Last Few Days…

Life…Doors…Paint…Discombobulation of my Sunroom…
We have been dealing with doors!  Garage doors and sunroom doors…the garage doors were not an issue because…well…they were in the garage!  The new ones are Hunter Green with little windows and when we step into the garage we are sort of blasted with sunlight and it feels as though we are in a Carriage House…plus they are so quiet!  But the garage doors lead to repainting shutters and the front door…Den is sort of crazed with getting this done.  I am so glad we chose Hunter Green!

More door thoughts…

This is what my sunroom looked like most of yesterday…our sunroom is a really big room that is open to the kitchen, family room, eating area…we call it a sunroom because of its big high vaulted ceilings.  The original French doors literally fell apart.  So yesterday…all day long…was replacement day.  New doors are in but now there is another day of work…sigh!  I stayed barricaded in our room with kitties…Roxie can open our door…Den was on bug watch…but all that came in were two flies and a yellow jacket!  My bug man dispersed of them immediately!  



Finally I can chat about books!  I was literally in shock on Monday when I went to post and found that I couldn’t!  But thanks to incredibly patient friends…I have a domain and a WordPress blog.  I think we exported most of my blog…one of my friends is my Admin person and I will just slowly figure things out…I miss my sidebar and my widgets most of all and I can’t figure out how to make my pictures smaller and yesterday I tried posting a picture and all that showed up was a blank square.  I even miss my blue book background but I like my header picture.  I am afraid to change anything!


I finished this and did not love it…I am not sure that I even liked it…did not love either of the main characters…Maggie and Riley…mother/daughter totally itritating combo…were incredibly annoying.  I almost wanted to toss this but I rarely do that.

Finished this…loved it…more of Miss Seeton’s antics but I am taking a break from these for a while!

Finished this…just a yummy mystery in Victorian London…I need to read more!

Finished this…loved loved loved it…Scotland Yard’s terribly damaged Ian Rutledge solves another murder in a small English town. There are more books in this series and I plan to read more.

Now I am reading this…so far it’s really captivating!

So…I have tons of new books but my problem is that I want to tell you everything that happened since Monday all in one post!  I missed you! But I will contain my ramblings…sort of!

Den is playing golf all day long…a special event at the DuPont Country Club…he must have ripped off and changed outfits for 30 minutes…he couldn’t decide what to wear!

I apologize if the pictures are wonky…I like middle of the page spacing and I can’t find it and I am not sure that the pix will even post!  I have an appt. with my admin about that…after her Zumba class!



20 thoughts on “So…Over The Last Few Days…

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    This looks fabulous! I think I added you to my reader but I’m not sure. lol

    I love the hunter green garage doors.

    I felt the same way about The Weekenders – it was missing Andrew’s humor so it was just okay for me.


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