It’s All About Books On Monday…

I am in the midst of this one and it’s deliciously good.  Just when a politician thinks he’s forgiven…by his wife…for an affair…an accusation of rape comes out of nowhere…hmmm…


Some new books…


Winterhouse is from NetGalley.

Winter At Cedarwood Lodge is from NetGalley.  I wanted this one because it screams holiday!

The rest of these books are from Edelweiss…new and improved and easy to maneuver Edelweiss!  Heeheehee!


You Will Be Mine

Don’t Look Now

So…I think I have mastered linking although WP still plays tricks on me.  There are two different posting sites…I can never find my drafts…and linking…although easier…is tricky.  I can’t link from a book picture…sigh!

We are off to a movie this afternoon!  We are going to see Justice League.  We have tickets…reclining seats…and I have to find a snack…I think Goldfish crackers again.  I can even get Tazo hot tea at this AMC theatre…crackers and hot tea sound so good to me on a really cold Monday!  I just love movies like this!


Tomorrow we pick up our turkey and pie…and start just a little bit of Thanksgiving prep…

Have a lovely Monday!




14 thoughts on “It’s All About Books On Monday…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Remember when I sent you the “instructions for widgets” attachment? That’s where you will find out how to enter your links for pictures. Check it out! I can send it again, if you like.

    I’ve requested Anatomy of a Scandal…and I caught that little remark about the “new and improved and easy” Edelweiss. I guess I feel about that site the way you used to (?) feel about WP.

    I love the new theaters with reclining seats. There are even a couple around here that serve wine. But I think the tea sounds better.

    Enjoy your Monday!


    • Laurel-Rain Snow says:

      Those instructions are for pictures in the sidebar. The ones for pictures in the post are in the same place as where you add the photo (on the right), with a place for “custom link.”

      Of course I have no idea if you see the same thing I’m seeing…or if you are still using your App. Good luck!


  2. LisaD says:

    Glad the movie was good! I have to brave Costco today GRR but hopefully it will be quick as I only need one or two items. I don’t think I can ever get used to Edelweiss! It’s just baffling to me.


  3. Mary says:

    Anatomy of a Scandal sounds quite timely. For some reason Edelweiss confounds me. I only use it when a publisher sends a link. We picked our turkey up today and the pies just came out of the oven. Guests arrive tomorrow evening. 25 for dinner at my house on Thursday. Pray for me, lol.


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