There Really Is Sunshine Today!

Sunshine!  Finally!  It’s amazing!  Birds are chirping…my deck rugs are drying out…we might even be able to put the pillows on the deck furniture for longer than 20 minutes.  Den played golf and brought home cheesy hamburgers from Wayback for lunch so we are stuffed.  We split a few of their homemade chips, too.  And a root beer.  Forget dinner for both of us.  Totally!  We didn’t have that first hamburger but it feels as though we did!  Yikes!

Reading these…both are totally yummy!  Ogre Enchanted is about a girl who is turned into an ogre because she won’t marry her best friend!  A middle grade gem!

I can’t concentrate on anything today because I am mesmerized by actual sun!  It’s perfect because I just got new sunglasses!   Aren’t they neat?


Have a good one!


12 thoughts on “There Really Is Sunshine Today!

    • Patty Magyar says:

      OMG…they make these thin crispy chips…so yummy…I think Wayback is our version of an In and Out Burger. I guess you weren’t tempted by my ogre book? Heeheehee! Your Caesar Salad and pot pie dinner made us miss Marie Callander’s…unless that came from Mimi’s?


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