Happy Saturday!

My sister is visiting!  That’s why I have been away from my blog for a few days!

We have been shopping and eating out and cooking and endlessly talking.  We have been to antique stores and yarn stores and today Den and my sister are going to settle down to watch lots of college football.  I will read and relax while they watch football…Ohio State…Penn State and whatever other football games they want to watch.  They both love college football!

We were going to go out to a Farmer’s Market today but it is pouring rain!  Sigh!

I finished both of these this week…and now I am reading and loving The Dinner List!

Where The Crawdads Sing was beautiful…Sadie was haunting…and The Dinner List is unique!

Den is zipping out for Porchetta Sandwiches…yum!  Our country butcher makes them every Saturday with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone cheese.


It’s actually cold here today…I am upstairs with the girls reading and watching not football and Paula and Den are downstairs screaming and cheering watching football!

So…have a great weekend!  I probably won’t post again until Wednesday…after my sister leaves…I am too distracted!  There is one more yarn store we need to visit…my sister loves to knit.  At my house she has to contend with knitting with Roxie around…who will not leave her alone.  Roxie loves my sister Paula enough to crawl under her covers and sleep with her.  My sister is not used to such feline attention!    It’s so sweet the way Roxie behaves around Paula…she is just so funny around her.  She wants to be with her every minute!


21 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. Mary says:

    I’m watching college football with my hubby – well, he’s watching and I’m visiting blogs 🙂
    Those sandwiches look so good. I’m trying one of the Pioneer Woman’s sheet pan dinners tonight. Have a fun time with your sister! I went out with two of mine last night. We saw Crazy Rich Asians – silly fun and we were glad we saw it.


  2. DEZZY says:

    I’d probably enjoy the colours at a yarn store. As an emphat seeing colours gives me energy. I felt like I spent a week at a spa after watching Green Lantern LOL


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