I am almost finished with The Reckoning.  It has been really absorbing although the middle section…entitled The Boneyard…was really difficult to read.  Pete Banning is a semi wealthy landowner who kills some one…without any apparent reason.  Pete walks into this man’s office and just shoots him.  He’s arrested of course but won’t talk about it or do anything to explain why he did this.  He is a kind and loving man…a war hero…and his actions have no explanation.  That’s the first part of the book.  The middle part is about his capture and torture and escape from Japanese soldiers.  This was the hard part to read.  Now I am in the last part and it’s about why Pete did what he did.  Again…I have not read a John Grisham book in years but I was drawn to this one.  I need to know the why of Pete’s actions.  I will finish this today.

I love the books that Gregory Funaro has written.  I have read and loved his first two books.  They are magical and eerie and fantastic.  Everything a young reader might love in a book.

His newest one is different…different characters…different places but it’s every bit as good!  I love MG books!  This book looks perfect for this time of year…that kind of scary orangish background.


I feel the need for something warm and cozy after I finish these two…but I am not sure what to choose…maybe one of these?

Have a great Wednesday!  It’s very cold here!  Brrrrrrrr!


12 thoughts on “Books…

  1. Stefanie says:

    I’ve probably only read one or two Grisham books. My mom likes that genre. We are 71° today. The past two days we were in the 60’s. Friday and Saturday are supposed to be warm around 80 and then we’ll drop to lower 70’s.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Definitely need a warm and cozy one to follow the John Grisham one I reckon! I wouldn’t read it but every so often I do read something that is horrible to read – but rarely!


  3. Ti says:

    Such an eclectic mix you have here.

    It’s not cold here at all. 90! We actually had to turn the AC on weekend long. I am trying to think FALL thoughts though. I will make chili on Wednesday even though it’s supposed to still be very warm. The evening should be nice for the trick or treaters though.

    How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I got to relax a little. Got to sleep in one day. Today is not horrible. All is good.


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