No Sun…No Fun…

It has been raining for days.  Our lone goose doesn’t even swim in the pond…he swims in a running stream that goes through our backyard.  It’s very sad to watch.  We aren’t even sure if this is a lone goose.  Den thinks it’s a pair of geese that are hatching babies and that they take turns guarding the eggs.  If this is so they are masters of disguise.  To me it just looks like one sad and lonely goose.  No mate, no babies, just us watching him.  Sigh!

We changed out the accessories for this new season…but instead of my sunflower painting and my Maine prints and buoys and seashells and sailboats…I should be decorating with umbrellas, slickers and Wellies!  We are talking about tons of rain!  Literally buckets and buckets!

The bright part of the week…books!

Lovely lovely books!  I am reading this one and it’s good BUT not as good as I wanted it to be.  Kate is a mess, her mom has been murdered, she has major issues with her not so likeable husband and it appears as though someone is after her now, too.  Something is just off about this book for me but I can’t say it’s predictable…maybe it’s just Kate…who suspects everyone and is always yelling at someone…Kate could be what’s distracting me.


Some lovely new books from publishers and NetGalley…

Immortal City is a fantasy.  The Furies is puzzling because it says it’s Adult Fiction but is about boarding school girls and magic.  The Rumor is about a reformed murderer living in a seaside town…now that’s a recipe for trouble…and the Ruth Ware book is just another yummy Ruth Ware book…her fifth one!

I also was invited to read these from Edelweiss.  The Truants is supposed to appeal to  Agatha Christie lovers and We Wish You Luck is another college campus one…which I can never resist.

This was a sad family week for us…my sister’s mother-in-law died…she was a big part of our lives just because of the small town nature of where I grew up so we saw lots of Irene.  She even rescued my mom one time when I was staying at my sister’s and my mom wasn’t sure where I was.  And my brother’s father-in-law died.  Den and I met him a few times and he was always energetic and delightful.  He even played on a senior soft ball league long after you would think that he could.  And Izzy…a beloved family dog…died this week.  So there were lots of memories of past times and fun family times intermixed with sadness.

Of course I spent a lot of time missing my mom on Sunday…memories just popped into my head all day…shopping and talking books and her daytime soap addiction even though she denied it constantly.

Are we laughing at each other in this photo?  I think we just might be!



20 thoughts on “No Sun…No Fun…

  1. Jina Bazzar says:

    Ha, you made me laugh at the goose and the running stream. It’s warm on my part – we’re having a heat wave, but it was cold before that. And, sorry for your loss.


  2. Mary says:

    What a darling photo of you and your mom. Mine is still here and I appreciate it but she has alzheimer’s so we make the best of our time for now. I remember her watching The Edge of Night while ironing 🙂


  3. Greg says:

    We sometimes het a river in our backyard too when the rain gets crazy. Hope you get some sun soon! And aww… hoping things go well for th goose/ geese/ whatever haha!

    What an awesome pic!


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    It’s still raining up in NY, too… and my brother sent a photo of it snowing in the Berkshire Mountains yesterday – yikes! He thinks we should stay put in Florida for now, lol.

    Love the photo of you and your mom!


  5. Kathryn says:

    Ah don’t we miss the sun when its not out. I often feel so much more relaxed and “on song” when the sun shines. Good to you have lots of interesting books. Love the photo of you and your Mom.


  6. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    What a cute and sweet picture of you and your mom laughing. 🙂

    So sorry that you had a lot of sadness going around your family. Sending hugs!

    We are getting tons of rain here too. I like some rain- but I could do with more sunshine and a little less chill in the air.

    Have a wonderful week!


  7. Ti says:

    Oh no. So much sadness for you guys and with the rain and all you probably feel ready for the clouds to move on. I sure hope they do.

    It rained here yesterday but today it’s cool and blue and lovely. Perfect for the 9 graduation ceremonies we have beginning tonight through the weekend.

    With school coming to a close, I am at my wit’s end. My daughter is beyond stressed with school work but she’s not making good choices which makes it much harder to navigate. Just two more weeks but she doesn’t seem to think she can make it. She is being over dramatic. She has one class that she really needs to pay attention to but she is pretty good with her others. It’s just these shows and the rehearsals and the long nights. But she refuses to give it up. Says that is her passion and what she wants to do for a living. In the meantime I have 1000s of new gray hairs.


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