Hot And Just A Little Humid…

I am having a hard time settling down with just one book…I am all over the place! I have looked at, started, stopped, and restarted all of these…they are all good but I just can’t get into them for various reasons…my timing is bad for all of them!

All of us…including Roxie…are used to Lucy’s absence…this is the first time in ages that this big reading chair has been uncovered. Roxie looks at it but won’t sit in it or on it…ever since Lucy died Roxie prefers this comfort bed. It’s truly the only object in the house that is Roxie’s alone…and she seems to love it. Den and I have our sides and she has the bottom of our bed…tucked safely in this roly poly bed. Our new normal!


So…I hope to settle into ONE book today! One perfect book!

Have an awesome Monday!


18 thoughts on “Hot And Just A Little Humid…

  1. June says:

    Was the big reading chair Lucy’s hang out spot? You guys are doing so well. Kudos to you! On occasion, I still get sad thinking about my girls and where they used to plop themselves.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh I love Roxie’s roly poly bed and the end of yours. She looks so comfy. The time will come when you’ll settle into a book, some of those look really good, but when we are off ourselves nothing really satisfies until The One!


  3. Stefanie says:

    That is such a cool bed. I think I’ve seen it advertised on FB or IG. I love, love Flavia de Luce. I like the looks of that Pumpkin Spice book too. We’ve had two, cool days but are heating back up to low 80’s today.


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