Wednesday’s Wild Weather!!!

Ok…for an area…ours…that usually really does not get much snow…we are set to get our fourth Nor’easter this month…today!  In fact…it is happening right now!  We are about an hour from NYC…an hour or three from Delaware Beaches, New Jersey Beaches and Maryland’s Eastern Shore…home of blue crabs, crab cakes…the Chesapeake Bay is not far away…and Baltimore, St. Michael’s, Annapolis…practically in my back yard…well not Annapolis but it’s not that far away.  If we want to have blue crabs or a crab cake sandwich while watching boats on the water…we head to Chesapeake City in Maryland and that is literally less than an hour away.  There isn’t a house in this area that doesn’t keep Old Bay Seasoning on its shelves!

I digress!  Sorry!  My point is we don’t get tons of snow!  But this month we are getting snow…tons of it, too!  The joke is on me…sigh!  Everything here is closed today.  Den stopped at Giant to get half and half and pronounced it a mob scene!  He came home without it!  It’s Spring!  But you would never know it!  Those water taxis are in Annapolis…

Plans for today?

Treadmill walking…ugh!  We should be walking in the park or at Longwood Gardens.  Isn’t it Spring?

Puzzles…it’s a good day for an IPad jigsaw puzzle or two.

Reading!  I am reading this…it’s not normally the kind of book I love but I am enjoying it so much.  It’s little vignettes or short stories of this house in France and it’s inhabitants…it covers both present and past times and I love the writing!  Notice that it is from Little Brown and Company…the publisher who always says no to me!

I love that they are not saying no to me any more!

From NetGalley..

A century-spanning portrait of the inhabitants of a French village, revealing the deception, despair, love, and longing beneath the calm surface of ordinary lives.


Have a great day!



21 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wild Weather!!!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    We don’t get snow in the valley, but we have it in the nearby mountains. Down here it is raining. A lot. But no thunder or lightning, so I’ll take it.

    It’s amazing how close you are to the hub of things…all within an hour or so. In a state like California, you can drive many hours to get from one end of the state to the other. I have one son at the southern end and another at the northern tip.

    So…congrats on Little Brown & Company. For me, the “no” letters come from Berkley Publishing Group. I can’t figure out those rejections…but maybe a letter to the company is in order.

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Mary says:

    It’s not unusual for my upper midwest to have spring snow but we haven’t had much in the past month – it misses us to the south and east. Sorry. But I love doing the jigsaw puzzles on my iPad and love that you were approved for the LB & Co galley. Yay!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I know…I love it, too! It’s snowing right now…heavy at times but it looks beautiful! I am thrilled about LB and Company…I got the new Elin Hildebrand book, too! iPad jigsaws are the best…aren’t they?


  3. Ti says:

    I have had a massive seafood craving for days but I have had seafood nearly every day for a week. Salmon and Dover Sole. The crab cakes looks so good but again, bread crumbs. They vex me.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I have been craving salmon…I always keep Trader Joe’s Flash Frozen Wild Caught Filets in the freezer for when we can’t get to our fresh fish spot. I made a Sriracha Honey Glaze and Den roasted them in the oven…we had them on top of salad…they were really great!

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      • Ti says:

        Trader Joe’s has fresh salmon now. I got it the other night and it was excellent!! I grilled it with Cajun seasoning.


      • Patty Magyar says:

        Mmmmm….I did realize that they have fresh…but I should have known that TJ’s would have everything! Have you seen Trader Joe’s hacks. For different dishes…a breakfast bowl, fish tacos and more?


  4. Kathryn says:

    I heard that NY was getting some snow. Spring snow! We are getting heavy rain today, big puddles out. Isn’t it great to get a book from a publisher that has repeatedly said no in the past!


  5. LisaD says:

    I never take for granted that we are in sort of a sea-food mecca here in Virginia Beach. I live about 15 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay or from the ocean – I used to be a 10 minute walk to the bay. Seafood is a huge thing here – tons of great places. I cannot imagine living in the mid west where seafood is a novelty!


  6. Peggy says:

    I had to laugh at Den going to the store for half and half. They were calling for an inch or so here today which shuts everything down so we went to the store last night to get…half and half! Can’t have coffee without it! Talked to my son in Maryland around one today and they had 12 inches and still snowing to beat the band.

    Jigsaw puzzles and winter go hand in glove. We started a new one today. We keep one going all winter. Someday spring will stay. 27* here tonight brr…


  7. ElisabethFoodandthrift says:

    Patty, you are so lucky to be so close to all these mentioned states, especially N.Y.! For us here in S. Florida…one hour away north or south of us is still S. Florida…Miami is exactly one hour away from south of us. It takes at least 8 hours just to get to Atlanta GA, so no matter where we travel outside of Florida, it’s better to take a plane!

    Having super sunny day today with temperature now, 59 degrees does not feel like that at all when you live on the beach the winds are brutal and feels like 39 degrees today! Love Trader Joe’s, and their fresh seafood section here!


  8. Stefanie says:

    Poor Den. Glad he was able to escape. I can’t wait to have my mom’s elliptical. My husband’s going to ride up on BART next Friday to help my dad load it into the Highlander and then they’ll bring it down here to Fremont. I want a cardio burn Tu, Th, and the weekends.


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