I think that I am quiet…but most people don’t think that I am. I have sometimes been told by certain family members that I am quite chatty!!! I am content and happy even as I recover from the loss of my parents…I try to focus on what is good and true and right in this world. Don’t I sound like a fierce little warrior…I love my husband and my Tonkinese cat…LucyGrace…and my newest kitten…Roxie Blue…Lucy has been by my side through all of the heartbreak and sadness when my parents died. My dad loved her and would do anything if she would just fall asleep in his lap. When my dad was ill…LucyGrace and I visited him. She was so calm and good. A Tonkinese breeder and friend told me once that Tonks feel what people need and provide it for them. Lucy loved my mom so much…but could take or leave my dad. But when my mom died…Lucy started loving my dad more and he melted. He loved every minute of her purring and sitting with him. He once gave her a fifty dollar bill…seriously…he held it out and I was holding her and she grabbed it. He said he was just giving a little gift to his grandkitty. She seemed to love him even more after that.

I have spent most of my working career teaching primary grade children literally all over the country. I have taught in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Missouri, California and Pennsylvania…actually twice in Pennsyvania. My actual teaching time is 24.61 years. I have taught full time in all of those places and subbed in about a million schools in all of those places. My husband works for a major corporation and we have been transferred all over the country…I have always loved moving and building new houses…fun…fun…fun…My husband has literally traveled all over the world…me…not so much…but there has always been tons of travel in our life. I just recently stopped teaching…one day…about a week before school started…I was about to decorate my classroom when I just could not walk into the room…I turned, walked to the principal’s office and gleefully resigned. I have never regretted that decision for even one minute. I quilt and workout and play and lunch and read and travel and walk and think and ponder and sketch and write and knit and play and now I BLOG!!! I love to cook and try out new foods…I guess we are foodies…we try to eat organically and locally as much as we can. Farmer’s markets are my new weekly passion…and I have a new respect for appreciating local foods in their season. My husband and I love going out to eat and we equally love eating at home. I love our house and our area and our life. I love sitting on the deck and watching the birds on the pond. I love gardening. I love waking up every morning with no plan for my day and sometimes waking up with a plan. I love reading in bed in the morning with a cup of coffee. We recently changed our beloved white iron DOUBLE bed to a peely white handmade KING bed…what a jolt to us and what a joy!!! I refused to give up our original bed because I loved it so much…but…wow…we still walk into our bedroom and think this bed is the biggest and most lovely bed in the world. Our bedroom is large with high vaulted ceilings and this bed is perfection…
And I guess this proves my family right…I am quite chatty, aren’t I? Because I have more to say…but I am taking a break for now.
I can be reached at pattylouise8@gmail.com.