Artisanal Bread?

I have been making bread ever since Monday…I found a recipe on a blog called “One Hot Stove” for bread that you make in 5 minutes…and it is truly amazing!!!  You make this goopy yeasty stuff, stick it in the refrigerator and every day that you want an amazing loaf of bread you simply cut off a piece, let it rest and bake it…I am amazed at the quality.   I found the book and authors and I am ordering that from Amazon along with a baking stone.   THERE IS NO KNEADING and the bread is truly amazing.   Nothing gets really messy, you don’t really need a ton of tools and again…I know I am repeating this but the bread is amazing…I can’t wait to get the book so that I can do even more with my sticky yeasty evergrowing stuff…

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