Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom and Dad…

It has not been a year since my mom and dad died…and one of my new coping habits is to write letters to them…nothing organized…just every once in a while when I want to tell them something.  I also make a mental note of what holidays they both have missed.   They missed the Fourth Of July, and they missed Halloween…my mom loved and hated Halloween because in the town where my parents lived and where I grew up…Halloween was celebrated on the Saturday before the real Halloween…my mom would sit outside on the front porch and arm herself with bags of candy…and chat with the neighbors and munch on chocolates…they missed Thanksgiving and they missed Christmas and New Year’s Day…and Eve…and now they are missing Valentine’s Day…I hope they have chocolate covered almonds in heaven for my mom and  for my dad.

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom and Dad…

  1. Old Bookworm says:

    I'm sorry for your loss of both parents. Like you, I think of the things my own parents are missing, the new babies that have been born, special times together as a family. It's hard to deal with. I still have days where the loss and missing them just wash over me in a heap of anguish but with time, those days don't come as frequently. I don't think we ever get 'over it' but we do learn how to cope. {hugs to you}


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