Saturday…lovely Saturday…

I love the laziness of Saturdays…I just finished Blue Is For Nightmares…Book 1…it was good but not what I expected…I NEED MORE AMAZING VAMPIRES…I know I will get over this phase soon but for right now…it is just not happening…I am going to read  Chloe Neill’s Firespell…it has what I am craving…more boarding school vampires…I can’t wait and I don’t think I will be disappointed.   Just got some tees in the mail from my newest favorite online shop called Alternative Apparel…everything is cottony and soft and overwashed and just beautiful…I bought one lovely lonely tee for my husband and four for me…sort of swingy 3/4 sleeve yummiliscious lovelies perfectly right for this time of year…In a few days I will order the tank dress…tons of colors…perfect with tights and a sweater…I am a big fan of Bravo’s Kell On Earth and everyone on that show practically lives in this stuff…there are tights and dresses and shorts and pants and tees…I seriously have to restrain myself…here is my dirty little secret…if I love something…I will buy it in nearly every color…something about my genetic make up causes me to read and buy in multiples…yikes!!!  Anyone out there have a similar vice?

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