Memories…just a little bit of sadness…

It seems as though my mom should still be here…I should be calling her right now to find out what she and my dad are doing…she always had so many things to tell me about the neighborhood…the one that I grew up in.  My mom was a bit of a character in our quaint little town.   She was a bicycle rider.  She thought nothing of putting herself on her bike and riding everywhere.  The town had sidewalks and safe streets and a local grocery store…so if she needed milk or bread or ice cream…she would hop on her bike and away she would go.  People would wave to her and she would always stop and talk to everyone…and come home with even more stories.   I think she rode her bike even when she turned 80…and it was incredibly sad to see it in the garage…parked and lonely…after she died.  My thoughts are on her and my dad since our house or rather my parents house has just been sold.   Most of their everyday things have been given away… to shelters and missions and people who needed stuff…for the first time in my life I saw the house empty…not full of cooking and family noise and grandchildren and laughter.  I know I cherished all of the times we had together…she was such a wonderful mom…her children were everything to her…but I wish she was still here with us…

6 thoughts on “Memories…just a little bit of sadness…

  1. Jeannie @ Pine Cottage Books says:

    There are moments in life I wish we could 'freeze' and make last forever–thank goodness for our memories. At least we can replay them whenever we want; but there are times I want to walk into my mom's kitchen and smell a pie baking and get a hug. I know exactly what you are saying here…


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