What I Am Reading Now…

This past weekend has been just delightful…the weather was warm and sunny…we put the big comfy “reading” swing out on the deck…Kindles were fully loaded…and it felt so close to being like a summer…lazy summer… afternoon that we even pulled out shorts and tees.  I love weekends like this one…we totally blew off yardwork because after all…it is still March. We lazed in the sun, watched ducks and geese on the pond, and chatted about how to redo the garden beds. Then my lovely husband and I promised each other that we would get really busy on them in a few weeks.
We did plant two beautiful big green pots with ruffled pansies.  Just that little bit of digging in the dirt was a reminder of gardens to come.  I am reading The Hollow by Jessica Verday.  It is good…sort of  a meandering story that is based in the town of Sleepy Hollow.  It has a really slow build up but it is interesting enough to keep my attention and make me crave Snickerdoodles.  I never realized how books affect my cravings but obviously they do.  Oh…the Snickerdoodle craving is because that is the cookie that Abbey, the main character, is always making for her friend Caspian…love the names in this book…more about the book upon completion.

2 thoughts on “What I Am Reading Now…

  1. Jody says:

    I'm jealous of your lazy week-end with weather warm enough for shorts! I'm also jealous of your husband that reads. 🙂 We did spend a lot of time planning the planting beds this week-end too though.


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