I Am In Total Love…

Juliska Pottery has entered into my life…I love it…I was reading La Cucina magazine and it was so beautiful this month that I literally devoured it from the inside front cover to the inside back cover when the most beautiful cup in the entire world caught my eye.   I really had to have it as soon as I could find it.   So…I went to a site called plumpuddingkitchen.com.  The amazing Juliska Pottery was obtainable right there on that lovely site.  I have to say that I love dishes…and since there are just the two of us…I tend to buy fabulous place settings for two so that I could easily use a different place setting for every dinner of the week.  White tends to be my favorite…big oversized white sort of restaurant dishes.  But I might be willing to give up my other sets just for these.   They are made in Spain, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe and so lovely in their simplicity.  These dishes come in pale shades of blue and green and yellow as well as white but this sort of grainy white with these bumps is my favorite.   I bought the mugs as well as this tea/coffee cup.  For now…but two place settings of this pattern are mysteriously on their way to me…I must have ordered them in my sleep.

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