Today was a lovely laid back day…a trip to Bailey’s Dairy for farm fresh delicious milk and Wickersham Eggs…fresh and brown shelled with amazing huge bright yellow yolks.  It is worth a few miles out of our way for these special products because there is always a new baby or two to see at Bailey’s and also a new cheese or milk product to try.  Today it was three brand new baby goats…white and delicate and beautiful…they were making the softest gentlest little cry I have ever heard.   Today it was also a new cheddar cheese with threads of horseradish…just enough to give the cheese a bit of a bite…very delicious.  Then on to a local barbecue called Hood’s…for a pulled pork sandwich and pickles…and a rack of ribs to stow away for dinner and our official no grill no cook Amazing Race watching Sunday.  We tend to be almost vegetarians but every once in a while…a huge meat craving will take over our veggie loving souls…and we give in…oh well…

I am still reading and loving The Summer We Fell Apart.  In a way it resembles Arcadia Falls…the intense writing, the delicious slowness of the actual book and the lovely dysfunctional characters.  Each character is slowly delivering that family dysfunction that is quite lovely to read about.  This book has many layers and each one is more and more interesting.

7 thoughts on “Sunday…Sunday!!!

  1. Jeannie @ Pine Cottage Books says:

    I love slow leisurely reading Patty. I'm not a power reader at all; some books I get through faster than others but I don't rush any of them.

    Baby goats will always have a soft spot in my heart–they are the cutest!! Gosh, you picked up all kinds of yummy good things to eat! What a nice weekend you've had. 🙂


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