But I Really Needed All Of Them…

Ok…one of my pleasures is clothes…I have always always always loved clothes…and when I find something I love…I tend to get it in every color.  Spring is such a luscious time to shop…I happened to discover an online site called Alternative Apparel.  They happen to make the best tees, tanks, tunics and dresses that I have discovered this season. The fabric is a fine soft cotton and everything is made in the USA.  I bought the long sleeved tees…with sort of a twirly shape…earlier and just recently I needed these tunics…they are so comfy and long and slouchy and with leggings or shorts underneath…perfect for almost anything.  Actually it is now available in 4 colors…a really neat sort of sandy brown color, black, a sort of a grayish color and also this subtle purple.  I love them all…

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