Oh Sunny Day…

Thank goodness the sun is out today…LucyGrace and I have been out on the deck basking in the sun twice already.  The only reason that she is napping in the sunroom now is because I slipped her a teaspoon of tuna…I know she shouldn’t have it but it makes her sleep and I needed a teeny little break.  She is the reason why I get tan in the summer.  Living with a Tonkinese cat is similar to living with a two year old who never ages.   When she was a kitten I would hire my across the street neighbors a few times a week to come and play with her for an hour at a time to help me tire her out.   To this day she thrives on play.   She is constantly bringing me my own things.   A bracelet, an earring, a hair tie…she will scour all of the upstairs bedrooms on a daily basis and bring me something that she thinks I need to have…it is so funny and my husband and I laugh hysterically at her antics.   Tonkinese cats are so loyal and loving and in your face.   I am clearing email and blogging now because when LucyGrace awakens from her tuna induced nap…we are on the deck again…she will not take no for an answer.

4 thoughts on “Oh Sunny Day…

  1. June says:

    Ooo…pulling a fast one one on LucyGrace with the Tuna. Boozie loved tuna, but I had to give it to her sparingly because the vet said she was prone to crystals in her urine. Then she would have trouble peeing and have to take antibiotics. I await more of the “Chronicles of LucyGrace”!


  2. Patty says:

    I know…tuna is not good for them…but I was desperate!!! I don't think you can ever understand how loud a Tonk…and this one in particular…can be!!!


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