Way Too Much Fun…

My sister Paula just drove away…we had such fun…just shopping and lunching and whatever…it was our very first time to be together somewhat healed since our parents died.  We can talk about them and laugh about them and just remember them…without too much pain.  I am exhausted!!!  I have not blogged or read or done anything in my real and normal life since Paula came on Sunday.   I have not even cooked…we have been going out and bringing in and drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas and yummy wine.   It has been rainy and really cool here and we still had fun…nothing stopped us…we even drove an hour to a little town called St. Peter’s Village for amazing breads.  But I cannot state this enough…I am EXHAUSTED!!!  I cannot move…I am in bed with my laptop and I have no plans of moving for hours and hours and hours.  She drove off this morning with her car loaded up with homegrown tomatoes and asparagus and breads and cheeses and fresh local strawberries and spring onions and golden beets and just harvested spinach and books and other stuff that she bought…anything that she thinks she can’t get there…she brought back with her…we are about 7 hours away from each other…but there is a big difference in the Midwest where she is and the East Coast where I am.  It is funny to realize that her breakfast habits have not changed since we were little girls in green bunk beds sharing the same bedroom.  She has to have Cheerios with a banana on the side and plain not flavored coffee with a sprinkle of Coffemate…every morning I woke up to the clinking of her spoon in her cereal bowl as she sat at the big kitchen table and read and ate.   She loves salami sandwiches for lunch but just one half and made a special way…so that is what we packed her for her trip home.   My sister Paula is my favorite sister in the world…I will love her forever.

2 thoughts on “Way Too Much Fun…

  1. Patty says:

    It was…she was the one who lived blocks from my mom and dad so she had tons of pressure when they were ill and recovering and then adjusting to assisted living…she was the one who was there and dealt with everything.


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