I Am Loving Me Some Werewolves…

Hmmm…it might just be this extreme YA fantasy route that I am taking again…but…I am into this book and I love these werewolves.  Callum…but I think I might love anyone named Callum…is the ultimate Alpha wolf…and he takes care of Brynn…who is not a werewolf…in fact he actually saved her life and cares about her.  The book has a ton of fictional werewolf history that the author makes so matter of factly believable that I feel as though I am reading a nonfiction book.  And I am totally believing all of the stuff she is telling me about werewolves and how they shift back and forth and how they run and how they view humans.  In fact… in the book a human marries a werewolf and they have twins who are either babies or puppies depending on their mood!!!  They burst out of their Gap onesies every time they shift.  I am halfway through the book and something is brewing with the wolves…something eerie and frightening.   More to come…

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