Happy July Fourth!!! Thank you for the flag, Dad!!!

Today should and actually must be a total chillaxing kind of a day…the East Coast is sweltering in heat and we are staying put.  Right now we are inside but we are setting up our kiddie pool and going out to sit under the trees by the pond.  The pool is for toe chilling…hee hee hee.  I am not making any major foods for dinner.  I did make Cowboy Beans…they will go in the oven later and I made my mom’s potato salad.  I even put it in the same bowl she always put it in…my sister and I call it the potato salad bowl.  I cut hardboiled eggs for the top and paprika’d them the same way she did.  We are grilling hot dogs and having hot fudge sundaes with peanuts in them for dessert.  Just like when I was little…we are then going to sit in the driveway and watch the fireworks from the arboretum that is almost right next door.  When I was little my town had the most amazing July 4th celebration.  My dad always had lots of real fireworks and sparkliers for us…scary to think of that now…the neighborhood was always filled with smoke…my normal practical dad was obsessed with fireworks.  My mom would be mad at him for days but he totally loved it. 

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