Nantucket…Here We Come…

I am not sure that I have confessed my obsession with foods in the books that I am reading…all through Morganville Vampires I craved chili,  all during Seven Year Switch…I craved Chinese food and tacos…but my new obsession is an obsession of a different nature…after reading ( so far ) three summer beach books…we are going to Nantucket!!!   I have been scouring the internet for just the right cottage in town.  We want to be able to walk to coffee and newspapers and dinner and bike to beaches and picnics.  We want to go to a wharf and buy fresh fish…blue fish…and grill it for dinner…I use the term we loosely here…I am dragging my husband on this Nantucket journey.   I even want to look at the Nantucket Library.  And the Nantucket Pharmacy…and…we have to take a ferry to get to Nantucket…I am so excited that I cannot even relax…but I will…once I am sipping a cranberry cooler while my lovely husband grills our blue fish…

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