Saving The Earth…One Bag At A Time…

Of course…I was doing a bit of online shopping the other day and I happened to find this bag at a site that was new to me called  I found this bag and for some odd reason loved it…

My bag is lined and sewn beautifully and even zippers…I love it…call me quirky but I know I will get another one soon.

It is made by a company called Webe and here is their statement…

WeBe History…

WeBe Bags was formed in 2005 and has been expanding its product ever since. Rolled out to the press at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, WeBe has enjoyed exponential growth since first attending Trade Fairs in January 2008. Moreover, re-orders are strong. The bags are sold in boutiques throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Dubai, England, Japan and the United States.

Recycled from feed, flour and coffee sacks, WeBe bags are imported from around the world and made into bags in the U.S.A.

Our collection of Agri-Cool bags are for planet friendly folks who chic when they see it.

The WeBe design team endeavors to utilize reused and re-usable products in as many ways as practicable. Therefore WeBe Bags sends a dual message for the consumer: “I care about the environment… and style!”

6 thoughts on “Saving The Earth…One Bag At A Time…

  1. Ti says:

    This bag is awesome! I saw some really cute bags while in Frisco at Sur La Table. They were re-usable totes too, made from recycled materials and the patterns were really cute. I should have bought some.


  2. Patty says:

    This is actually a purse sort of a bag…just a fun one for summer and it would be great for travel…it is quite big and roomy…my Kindle gets lost in it…hee hee hee…


  3. Patty says:

    I love when my likes get approval…I have been carrying it for a few days now…but I think I will use it more for an extra bag when traveling…it is actually huge and roomy!!!


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