Scary Thunder And Wind And Lightning And Fallen Trees…

Storms swept through our area yesterday afternoon.   The day was supposed to be just really really hot and sunny and all of a sudden at 2:07 everything changed…winds and rain and crashing lightning and in seconds all of the power all around us was gone…literally gone…what to do…what to do…
Hmmm…Sunday’s are a favorite television night…Big Brother and the Food Network find a chef show and  Mad Men…and the house was getting warmer and warmer and warmer…no sign of power any time soon sooooooooooo…and everything in our house needs electricity…even showers and faucets.    And have I said just how hot and uncomfortable we were getting?   And all of my devices…my techie toys were out of power…yikes!!!
We packed up and set off for the nearest hotel…Patty and Dennis and Lucy…we took showers and ordered room service…rare tuna for Lucy and soup and salads for us… and had a delightful time…we even had hot chocolate chip cookies for dessert…it was a wonderful hotel…and when we came home this morning all of the lights were on and the power was back and the world as I know it is all charged up again…
Thank you God..

6 thoughts on “Scary Thunder And Wind And Lightning And Fallen Trees…

  1. Patty says:

    My husband could tell you exactly but it is a system with a pump and if there is no electricity everything stops…we are in the suburbs but our small development was originally a dairy farm…and it is a well but a different kind of well…most everyone eventually succumbs to buying a generator for the few times a year this happens…but we keep thinking we don't need one…when we really do.


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