Hex Hall And Humor…

Hex Hall was a truly delightful book.  Magic mixed with mayhem.  Mystery mixed with demons and vamps and witches and fairies.  All of these wonderful characters thrown into one school…Hecate Hall.   Sophia…star and main character…has no clue as to how to use her witchy powers.   She has no idea what her powers are.  She is surprised by them and by her classmates on a daily basis.  The opening part of Hex Hall was the funniest opening I have read in a long long time.   Her love spell and the havoc it caused…OMG…I was actually laughing out loud and rereading it to my husband.  And…who does not love a book loaded with mean girls?  And mean girls who are trying to form a coven…are the best mean girls around.  Oh…and I cannot forget Sophie’s reaction when she finds out her roommate is a vampire…priceless.
This was just a fun great spunky little novel…I know this is the first in a series…so Hex Hall Book 2 should be great fun.

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