Monday Morning…

Even though I never have Sunday night blues anymore and I am not teaching any more and I can really manage my time in the most delightful of ways…I still sit here on a Monday and wonder where the weekend went.   We purposely stayed at home on Saturday.  We did yardwork and my husband mowed the lawn and we worked in the garden ( see above photo…am I planting things way too close together? ) and still had time left in the day to watch a movie, have a drink on the deck and chill out.  Sunday…was another relaxing day…I made us a big Sunday breakfast…local eggs and stone ground grits and yummy cups of coffee.  We read our respective papers…the Inquirer for my husband and the NYT for me…must have that Sunday book section and Sunday Styles.  Then we meandered to the car and drove to our local produce market for the first of local apples and and local peaches and nectarines…fresh corn and beans and local goat cheese.  So many delightful things to choose from…then home to respective laptops and email and music downloading…and before you know it…it is time for bed!!!  And the whole thing starts all over again…thank goodness!!!
I have never believed myself to be a creature of habit…but I realize now that I do tend to do certain things on certain days.   Is this something that you do, too?

9 thoughts on “Monday Morning…

  1. Marie says:

    I do have specific days that I prefer to do certain 'chores'. It helps to keep me organized. I try, anyway 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog. And cute little garden!!


  2. Lady Q says:

    What do you have growing there, are those pumpkins? Thanks for stopping by my blog and try not to sweat the loss of a couple of followers too much! I always get a little pang when I notice one has dropped off but I tell myself that we must not have had the same interests and try not to take it personally! Happy reading and blogging!


  3. Patty says:

    Hi Lady Q…

    Pumpkins yes…but the geese poked holes in them and they are all dying…we live on a pond and have geese aplenty…I know…I want to grab those unfollowers and ask them what I did wrong…I will settle down, though…


  4. Wallace says:

    I'm the same way! I try to do my laundry on Saturday or Sunday, and usually hit the grocery store at the beginning of the week.

    BTW, we can't find that eledge site you mentioned. Will you come back to the blog and post the link.. others have asked for it! 🙂


  5. Stina Lindenblatt says:

    You have pumpkins! Our didn't do anything in the end. Not even a hint of anything on the vines. 😦

    I know what you mean about the followers. I used to wonder what happened, but now I don't worry about it beyond 30 s.

    I read DARK FLAME while on vacation. Now I'm reading LINGER. :d


  6. Ti says:

    I have to tell you about the time my son planted a 300 lbs pumpkin. Yep.. it was quite large. He planted it in an unused portion of the garden and never told anyone. It grew and grew and when it got large, the Hub found it and I could not believe it.

    It was never turned so it was completely flat on one side. It was all mutated and WHITE. I asked my son about it and he showed me a seed packet for a 300 lbs pumpkin variety. Luckily, only one seed took.

    Don't worry about the followers. Sometimes they drop in order to pick you up in a reader or they subscribe by email instead.


  7. Patty says:

    OMG…I love all of your comments…love them…and I am getting better about the followers…thanks and hugs to all of you…actually an official shout out…


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