Scones, Meatloaf and Gingerbread?

I have been totally immersed in a book world of Angels and Vampires and Immortals and Werewolves. And…when I wasn’t reading tons of YA Fantasy I was reading lots of women’s fiction that contained tons of family dysfunction and lots of sadness. I really love both of these genres…they are intense and relaxing and enjoyable to me.
However…just a few days ago I became aware of a delightful author named Mia King. I read one of her books…Good Things…and totally loved it. It is refreshing and fun and includes recipes!!!  And it was just a romp to read. It takes place in Seattle and the main character is Deirdre… who just happens to be the host of a local television show that airs daily and focuses on decorating, baking, cooking, floral crafts, fashion, style and more. Deirdre is happy in this role…and loves her life…she buys Manolo Blahniks on Ebay…and considers spending $300 on them a bargain. She spends nearly every cent she makes without thinking about her future. She shares an apartment with her gay best friend and is happy…very very happy and secure and content. She doesn’t even miss not having a love interest in her life because she is so happy with her gay best friend…they cook and clean and literally do everything together. Life is good for Deirdre.
And of course you know that this is going to end…swiftly, messily and sadly for Deirdre.
She ends up alone, jobless and homeless faster than you can whip up a batch of homemade scones.
Enter a chance encounter with a stranger…Kevin…who of course is handsome, wealthy and a bit mysterious. He comes to Deirdre’s rescue by offering her his vacation home in a town about four hours from Seattle called Jacob’s Point.
Jacob’s Point has its own cast of quirky characters…a delightful diner named The Wishbone…a mysterious lake…and the chance for Deirdre to discover who she really is and come to terms with her life.
Simply put… but the book is so much fun to read…I literally could not put it down and read it in a day. The food and the people of Jacob’s Point and Kevin’s family and Deirdre’s baking were all quite enjoyable. Of course, Deirdre and Kevin’s relationship has a steamy side but that only added to the charm of this book.
I loved it and look forward to reading more from Mia King.

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