Tomato Soup…It Is Not Just For Lunch Any More!!!

I seem to be on a food quest lately or else an amazing amount of food ideas, cookbooks and recipes are in my email this week.  I love this site called DailyCandy…newsletters daily about all kinds of interesting stuff…food, clothes, shoes, restaurants, trips and more.  I am almost positive you can personalize it to your area…I love getting news from New York and Philadelphia.   Yesterday’s email contained a recipe for Tomato Soup Cupcakes…sounds yummy and healthy, doesn’t it?   I happen to own the cookbook the recipe comes from…it is a bakery also and the dessert photos in the book are just so tantalizing.  DailyCandy included the recipe for these cupcakes and this photo does not look soupy at all…just looks so good!!!
The cookbook is called Baked and a link to it is in the DailyCandy link.

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