On The Horizon…

There are far too many books on my shelves that I want to read and far too many books on my Kindle that I want to read.  I love my new Kindle 3 because I formerly owned the dinosaur Kindle called Kindle 1…loved it but all of my books were clumped together and it was really hard to know which ones I had already read…mostly due to the fact that I have this annoying habit of needing my Kindle books to all be on the front cover of the book…just like books on a shelf…closed and filed neatly away.  But…to my delight…with my new Kindle I can make collections…neat and tidy and amazing collections…and all of my unread books are in their own collection and any book I am totally finished with is neatly archived…and laid to rest…sort of like a cozy little book heaven. 
So…even though I have enough books to read for a very long time…I am still buying those books that just sort of pop up with a ton of buzz surrounding them…that leads me to these books…
“A rare literary page-turner full of shocking discoveries and twists. Susan Henderson has created a remarkable narrator—as memorable for her feistiness as for her tenderness. Up From the Blue is going to be one of this year’s major debuts.” (Josh Kilmer-Purcell, author of I Am Not Myself These Days )
A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion…for some reason this has been $2.99 on Amazon’s Kindle for the longest time…
  There is a fabulous review by Carlolyn Parkhurst on Amazon’s site.
I have read that this is mesmerizing…I am only mad that it is not available for my Kindle yet.  And last…but just for now…
“A terrific thriller with piercing tension, chest-tightening adventure, and a one-of-a-kind heroine I’ve continued to think about long after finishing the last page. Taylor Stevens is a born storyteller. I couldn’t put THE INFORMATIONIST down.”
—Michael Palmer, author of The Last Surgeon

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