I Really Didn’t Get It…But I Truly Get It Now…

I am a reader and I am a reader who knows books and authors and what is coming out next.  I follow tons of blogs, I subscribe to Bookmark Magazine and The Strand…I religiously read The New York Times Book Review and I just literally…get it…literally eat up all things books…I buy them, collect them, cherish them…I LOVE BOOKS…I love to read…mostly fiction…but good fiction and YA Fantasy?  even this is a new genre for me…never biographies or memoirs…never books about animals getting hurt…Black Beauty was not a book of my childhood.   Reading my evil unicorn book last week…Rampant by Diana Peterfreund…was a true test of my reading stealth…I almost put it down and I hate doing that…but I read it and it was really good.  All this leads up to The Hunger Games…I heard and read all of the buzz about this series.  I didn’t get it.  Too…way too dystopian for me…I don’t like books about destruction and poverty and hardships almost too unbearable to read.  My sister Paula read this book and did not love it.  My sister- in- law Betsy saw a friend reading it on her husband’s Kindle and went on her own personal quest of every library in Denver in order to find it.  Her friend told her it was a must read…I told her she wouldn’t like it…way too dystopian…but…who knew…
I have had The Hunger Games on my Kindle since August…I felt pressure to read it…no one’s pressure but my own.  I started it today and now…one quarter of the way through…I get it…I am caught up in Katniss and Prim’s story and Gale and the baker’s husband and the fact that they are just so so hungry and just trying to live.  I just Kindled the next two books and it will be a non stop reading experience for me until the end…

4 thoughts on “I Really Didn’t Get It…But I Truly Get It Now…

  1. June G says:

    Thanks for reminding me. I'm starting it tomorrow to see if I get it. I finally bought into the hype and got it over the summer. I've got to see for myself what all the excitement is about. We'll compare notes.


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