Saving The Ivy For Another Day…

I rarely ever give up on a book…but I have just thrown in the towel for The Ivy…I am not sure why…I couldn’t get into it…it seemed far too light and frivolous after my week spent with The Hunger Games.  I hate giving up on a book…hate hate hate it…and again…I rarely do it because even though I buy tons of books I know what I like and I don’t make bad choices about my reading material…I hate memoirs, hate books about thieves…and I am afraid to read about zombies…although I want to read Amanda Hocking’s new book called Hollowland…which is sort of about zombies.  But I am closing my Kindle on The Ivy for now…that is what I am telling myself.  I will try it again at a much later date.  I feel really badly that I am doing this but I have read about 25% of it…according to my Kindle…and I am just not that into it…

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