Read Along With Mad Men…

Why…when I know how horrible smoking is…does a cigarette look so appealing on Mad Men?  And…was Betty actually allowing Sally to play with a dry cleaning bag over her head?   Were all of those pregnant housewives actually smoking and drinking?  Was there actually a time when drinking in the office at all hours of the day was the norm?   Did  secretaries actually hand you your hat and keep extra shirts ready for you at the office?  What is it about this program that is so fascinating?

I absolutely love this show and I am so behind…we cannot catch up…I was reading an article in bookreporter that said a librarian  has created a Mad Men reading list…the list consists of books talked about and featured on the show.  I really never paid that much attention to this before but the list is interesting.  You can check it out with the link above.
And…meanwhile…as soon as there is a rainy sleety or snowy day…I am going to have a MAD MEN MARATHON…perhaps with a bowl of potato chips and some French Onion Dip on the side…and maybe a highball…would that be a proper 50’s snack?

The finale of this season of Mad Men is this Sunday night!!!

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