A Fairy And A Fairy And A Half…

Breena has just turned 16. She wakes up to find her mother gone. This is a bit unusual because her mom is always there to make a fuss about her birthday.
On the way to school Breena believes she sees odd creatures in the woods. Something blue, something not quite right… but she shrugs it off. Breena is not the most popular girl in school. Other girls have more money, better clothes and even better friends. After school and upon returning home to a still empty house her one and only friend, Logan, comes over to make her a birthday dinner. There is a knock at the door, a huge fight and at that moment Breena’s life changes forever. She enters Fairyland.
Apparently she is a half human half fairy sort of princess. Her father is the Summer King and her mother was his concubine. It appears that most fairies are infertile and in order to have children they must mate with a human. Breena’s father fell in love with her mother and that is why they are not living in the Summer Kingdom but instead live near a forest in Oregon. Sounds funny but it was truly a wonderful book. Again, it is one of my favorite kinds of YA fantasy…it is a quest. Breena must quickly become the princess that she was intended to be. She has to master magic and become outspoken and brave in order to survive. She is captured and escapes and has to use her wits and new found skills to save herself, her kingdom and her mother. At one point she is actually captured by Prince Kian, who at one time was her betrothed but now needs Breena in order to gain the return of his sister who is locked up in the Summer Kingdom. Much to Breena’s surprise, Logan appears in this land and he ,too, is not what he appears to be…
This was quite a fun book. The book was full of fast paced and fun adventures that were a bit frightening and heart stopping. I did not want to stop reading…I sort of raced through this book. It was that good. Not amazing award winning fiction but a very good story. What I did not like about it was the abrupt ending…I found that to be very unsatisfying. On my Kindle the book actually stopped at 80% or so…the rest of the space was excerpts from other books…I totally hate that. And the book ended in such a way as to make you have to buy the next one in the series…although I don’t think that is such a bad thing…but again…I was surprised when the book ended. It seemed a little manipulative. But it worked since I instantly bought  Forever Frost and am reading that now.

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