We’re Back!!! They Shrink Wrapped The Boats!!!

This is a shrink wrapped boat in Camden Harbor…ready for the winter.  We stayed in a really unique boutique hotel right on the water.  There were only eleven rooms in our hotel and they were wondrous.  Our shower had so many sprays that you could not count them…it was delicious.  We love Camden this time of year.  Everyone is gone and restaurants are on winter hours and you can pretend that you live there.  We moved our car exactly one time.  We literally walked to everything.  That was our goal for this trip to Maine.  We actually loved the fact that it rained all day long on Wednesday.  We had a fire going and only ran out to grab lunch…a lobstah roll of course and dinner which that night was two steps away.  The rest of the time was spent lounging on the sofa in front of the fire.

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