Monday…And My Best Intentions…

Monday’s are days of realism for me…I love…well…not love but this is what I do…I freshen up the house on Monday’s.  My sister Paula and I were spoiled by our mom…she did everything for us and did not teach us how to clean. I think I know how to clean but when I really begin to clean…I don’t really like it.  I like to dust and arrange and set the table and cook…I don’t mind vacuuming but the real nitty gritty get your hands dirty cleaning is just not for me.  When I was teaching my husband and I cleaned together…this consisted of me making a list of what we needed to do and then choosing the easy stuff while he did bathrooms and floors.  For some reason he loves doing bathrooms and floors and making beds.  I do the laundry but he makes our bed…he hates the way I make our bed and I think it makes him happy to make our bed…so that is my weekly little gift to him.  I start out with good intentions on Monday…I have an awesome list and I am going to get into corners and wipe the baseboards and organize cupboards…but by noon I am sort of bored with it all and I want a shower, my Kindle, my laptop and no more cleaning.
So…that is exactly how my Monday happened today.  I started out cleaning and ended up not cleaning.  But I have learned that I am much happier making my list after I have done a few things…it is much less stressful.
And I can easily move on to Tuesday…with a light heart and a new list.

4 thoughts on “Monday…And My Best Intentions…

  1. Ti says:

    I cannot deal with clutter so I am always de-cluttering around the house. I also love to do laundry, which is weird but the scent of freshly washed clothes floats my boat. I also like to wash dishes.

    The Hub does all the stuff I do not like and likes it. It's a good match.


  2. June G says:

    OMG! My mother was the same way. Did everything for me. She was a little nervous that she hadn't made me learn to cook either. I learned a lot of what I know about cooking from my husband…LOL…


  3. Patty says:

    I hate clutter, too…I love things organized but I like to step in and do it after everything has been cleaned by someone else…and yes, Kathy, there are so many more fun things to do…June…one more thing we have in common…hee hee hee…


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