A Holly Daze…that is what I am in…

The very first holiday step for me is decorating the front door…traditions are so important to me this time of year.  We have to get our wreaths from Terrain…there is another one in between the garage doors.  And my husband will finish today by washing the windows and putting candles in all of  the windows and a spotlight on the front door…the window washing is so totally his idea.  And oddly…something he loves to do…armed with a huge bottle of Windex and rolls of paper towels…he does one window at a time.  He washes the window and then installs the lovely candles. Then we will turn them all on…actually they turn themselves on when it gets dark…and we take Lucy outside and look at the house…shiny clean windows and glowing candlelight.  I have been spraying Pier I’s Christmas scent all through the house for weeks now…I love it…it is subtle and makes our entire house smell Christmassy…and piney…a lovely fresh pine filled scent…it is my addiction.

Tomorrow is pulling bins out of the crawlspace day…and Sunday is getting the tree day.  We go to the same Christmas Tree Farm that we love…every year…Schmidt’s…they have two reindeer…live ones to look at in wonder.  And popcorn and cocoa and wonderful handmade wreath-y things to attach over your mailbox.  So far I am leaning for one giant tree to put in the sunroom…but our discussion is ongoing right now about two smaller trees…one in the dining room and one in the living room…we will decide over dinner tomorrow.
Are you in the midst of your holiday prep?

7 thoughts on “A Holly Daze…that is what I am in…

  1. Michelle says:

    What wonderful holiday traditions! I especially love the part about the windows. Your husband needs to talk to mine. I have not even started decorating yet, but my plan is to do that this weekend as well. Have fun with the tree trimming!


  2. Ti says:

    I love the holiday scents that Pier 1 comes out with. I've been washing with Philosophy's Gingerbread Man, lighting Holiday Spice candles and baking when I can. The house smells goooood.


  3. Patty says:

    I know…Ti…I love the Christmas spray and candles and I bought this little jar of beads that you wet and it smells like a Christmas tree…thank goodness for Pier 1…and when we lived in Santa Clare…I lived at Cost Plus!!! I wonder if those are still around…


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