Thoughts Of Christmas…

Presents have been opened…and are stacked neatly…to be put away soon…and Christmas Day is done…the upcoming week promises lots of snow and lots of comfy days and nights filled with reading and games and football and relaxation.  I don’t really want to change anything that we do…I love the way we prep for the holidays…it is fun and traditional. I love the way we play in the week following Christmas.  I like when things in my life stay the same without too many major changes.  I miss not being with my brothers and sister at Christmas but it is just overwhelming to try to get together for this holiday.  We are my father’s children and we all love being in our own cozy houses at this time.  When my mom and dad were living…not too long ago…we were always there…all of us.  We played in the snow with babies and toddlers…we went to movies…we had New Year’s together.  It was hard to leave.  Now it is hard to go back.  The little town that I loved and grew up in just feels sort of empty without my mom and dad.  My mom and dad would wait patiently for us to all finally get there…and when we left they would follow the car out of the driveway and stand there waving.  Now my sister Paula waves good bye to us from her front door and some other family lives in my parents’ house.  Other people sleep in my old bedroom and play in the yard and sit on the front stoop. I hold on to the memories because that is what I do.  Once upon a time my mom and dad were young and strong and here.  Then…they got older and older and more and more frail and they aren’t here any more.  But I know that they live on in all of their children.  I cherish and hold on to that.   

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

9 thoughts on “Thoughts Of Christmas…

  1. bhicks1052 says:

    Things do change even though we try to cling to them. Sometimes for too long. Jill and I are trying to find new traditions as our nest is empty. Jess and Garrett have come for brunch the past two Christmases, but once they have kids, I wouldn't want to pull them from their own Christmas. So I think the next few years will see us muddling through somehow.
    I lost my mom this past July and I missed calling her to wish her a Merry Christmas on Christmas morning. Another change I didn't ask for but to which I will have to adjust.
    Your thoughts have me rambling here, so I'll stop this stream of consciousness and wish you a Merry Christmas!


  2. Meg says:

    Lovely words about your parents and growing up with your family — memories are the most precious! I hope you enjoy your week of relaxation — that sounds great!


  3. Ti says:

    Wow…what a lovely tree.

    I never had those large, family gatherings when I was growing up. I know you miss them dearly, but the memories of them are wonderful too.

    I know the kids are always excited about the presents but with each year, I've noticed them getting a tad more excited about what we do, rather than what they get. This of course warms my heart. The memories they will always have, the Snuggie? Not so much. LOL.


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