Flattened, Fish Tailed, Felled and Frazzled By The Flu!!!

I am so sorry everyone!!!  In spite of a flu shot I have been out of commission since Sunday…I feel lousy…but I am on the mend now.  Please give me a few days to check email and add all comments to my first ever giveaway.  I will announce the winner by Friday at the latest…if not earlier…Thank you so much!!! 
Today is actually the first day I could even look at a keyboard and I haven’t read in two days…hateful, hateful flu…but good for a diet.  There are certain trigger foods I will not touch again…ever!!!

6 thoughts on “Flattened, Fish Tailed, Felled and Frazzled By The Flu!!!

  1. Ti says:

    Oh Patty! I'm so sorry you got hit with this. The flu is not fun, and as wonderful as it is for our figures, I'd choose “fluffy” anytime 🙂

    Feel better!


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