Cable Cars, Fog, Irish Coffee, Ghirardelli Chocolate…And One More San Francisco Treat!!!

A review and a fab prize from Kath Russell…an autographed copy of this great fun book!!!

SYNOPSIS…from the book…

Set against a wild and wacky backdrop of San Francisco, the epicenter of the biotech industry, A Pointed Death tells a smart funny and chilling story of espionage and modern love. Techno whiz Nola Billingsley finds her former employee, an amoral creep who stole secrets from startups, murdered. She begins a flirtation with the inspector assigned to the case and counts Skootch…her dog…to watch her back as she is hurled into a world of danger and deceit.

This book is the first in the Pointer Mystery Series.


I was not sure how I was going to feel about this book…the biotech stuff is totally not my thing…but I have to admit that this book took me by surprise. I loved the main character…Nola…totally loved Skootch…who is full of mischief and a huge personality…other than one teeny little minor off putting bodily function. This you will have to read about on your own…it is definitely in the realm of bathroom humor but so much fun. I totally loved Nola’s mom…Janie Belle, who is an 80 year old church going whiskey drinking straight talking Southern Mama.

This book opens up quite dramatically. Nola finds someone who worked for her…sort of lifeless…to say the least. Of course, Nola is caught up in all of the events that lead to this death. The victim…Roger…cheated her company, had a mysterious companion, had a mysterious past and had access to a mysterious natural herb…which Skootch somehow manages to devour. This event also turns into another humorous event involving lovable adorable Skootch.

Nola is a realistic and sympathetic heroine. She has flaws that Spanx cannot always fix. She enjoys food and friends, puts up with her mom and yearns to be in love. Some of her yearnings and needs are met by a special investigator on temporary assignment in San Francisco…another problem for Nola. Their relationship develops as Nola gets involved in the mysteries of this crime. Despite being “wacky” Nola is smart and savvy and seemingly in charge of her life until the events of this crime sort of lead her into a one adventurous mishap after another as she works to find out what happened and why it happened to Roger.

I loved the San Francisco setting. We lived in San Francisco for about three years so it was exciting to read about places and areas and even restaurants that were known to me. I loved all of those references. I could almost smell this city. The entire book was a wild romp and a well told mystery at the same time. I was able to take Nola and her circumstances seriously while having tons of fun reading about her antics…and of course those of Scootch and Janie Belle. I was caught up in the story. It was well told. I had a delightful time reading A Pointed Death. The author made sure we knew that Nola was a woman…with flaws and concerns and doubts about herself while dealing with this major upset in her life. Nola never had anything to wear, she covered up spots on her shirt with a scarf, and she had an appetite for sex and food. She was fun and witty and sarcastic and real. I was reminded a bit of Lillian Jackson Braun’s Siamese cat mysteries and also of Diane Mott Davidson’s Goldy Bear Culinary mysteries. Kath Russell can hold her own with any of these authors. She has written a fun and exciting mystery with a totally new twist.

I am going to look forward to the next book in this series with great anticipation!!!

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