Across The Universe…Short Book Talk…And It Is Really Snowing Here…

Just a few thoughts about this book…I am not sure whether or not to be brilly or frexing over this book…and I still am not quite sure what a chutz is although I think I have an idea. But I loved this book. This is one of those books that has the capability to carry you away and allow you to get lost in this unbelievable centuries long story of life on the spaceship Godspeed.  Being frozen for three hundred and one years…the process involved in being frozen…the author’s description of being frozen…so unbelievably nightmarish and yet so fascinating.  
It is a totally captivating story that also has the ability to make you stop and think about what we value and what we are doing to our world. 

 Elder…student of Eldest and next to rule Godspeed… lived in a world of monoethnic people. He has spent his entire 16 years on Godspeed and was being prepared to take over from Eldest when Eldest died…at the ripe old age of fiftysomething.  He has been told distortions about the past history of our Earth or what is known as SolEearth.  Amy…another main character who was formerly frozen…was different…the only person on board who had red hair and green eyes and a questioning attitude. The story is exciting and believable and mysterious and deadly. It was one of those books that I always begin to read in a relaxed manner…allowing myself time to get used to the characters, the oddness, the weird reality…and by the time I was halfway through…I had to speed read to finish it. I just couldn’t stop…it was that good. And now that I am finished with it…I miss it…I want more.

Thank goodness it is a trilogy.

3 thoughts on “Across The Universe…Short Book Talk…And It Is Really Snowing Here…

  1. Ti says:

    I asked for a copy of this and haven't received it yet. Glad that you enjoyed it. It looks like one of those books that would just be fun to read.


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