Saturday Snapshots And Thinking Of Maine…

I am not ready for summer…I grew up with lake effect snow and I love winter!!!  Ice skating and sledding and snow piled so high you can’t even believe it…we are all snuggled on sofas or chairs and have on warm toasty clothes and fuzzy socks and we are sipping hot herbal tea in big mugs.  Soup is simmering in the slow cooker and we are settled inside with Kindles and laptops…a fire is in the fireplace and movies are ready for later.
But my thoughts are on Maine…we are planning our first 2011 Maine getaway…so…the above photo is Lucy perusing the room service menu at the Mariott in Portland before heading on to Camden the following day.  We had great plans to go to dinner at one of our favorite Portland restaurants…Street And Company…local bistro…amazing fish…the best ever blueberry crisp…but as we walked out of our room…we stopped to listen to make sure Lucy was content…and she began screaming…either she knew we were right outside or she knew she was being left for a few hours.  Lucy is a Tonkinese with one of the loudest wails you have ever heard.  So…we gave up, walked back into our room and all three of us ordered room service. 

What is on your mind this cold snowy Saturday?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots And Thinking Of Maine…

  1. Mrs. DeRaps says:

    How fun! I live in Maine…And love it here! My husband and I are actually planning a romantic getaway to Portland for next weekend…We're going to the Merrill Auditorium to see the Blue Man Group. We're staying at the Hilton Garden Inn and I'm planning on a dinner at The Corner Room (yummy!) and Sunday brunch at Duck Fat (not for the faint of heart–literally).

    I hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful state!!


  2. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-I applaud you for loving your winter, and snow…you, and my sister in Southern Ohio…outskirts of Cleveland. They are so snowed in that they gave up shoveling their driveway, so they've been staying indoors a lot. Good thing my B-in-law is retired now, so they don't have to venture out much. They too don't complain about the brutal winter there!


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